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 A spa, a quite retreat, a slice of serenity where you can shut out the world and exhale. We're not talking about a resort. We are talking about that room with a toilet, bathtub, sink and shower. It's a space you can escape each day without ever leaving your home.  Let Vickrey Redmodeling help you create a personal getaway you can visit several times a day!



Tiles are appearing in more styles and colors , releasing new design creativity in the bathroom. Vickrey Remodeling specializes in tile showers, tubs, backsplashes, and floors.  Creating stunning custom artwork that will last a lifetime! 



Spartan or spacious, all bathrooms have one thing in common; there's never enough storage. Plumbing fixtures take up the majority of room, leaving little room for lotions and potions.  Now, factor in Family members competing for the same sink and mirror space, and you've got a challenge on your hands. Vickrey Remodeling can custom design and create storage space that is functional and beautiful.



Today's bathroom fixtures go way beyond the options we once had. With thousands upon thousands of choices we help you choose the right fit for your look and preference.

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